Stick Insect – 1200×900 – andrea turno photography

Stick Insect – 1200×900 – andrea turno photography.

Usually hard to spot when on an olive tree, this little one was easy to find on the green grass.  Lucky me 🙂



waterside reflections | RedGage

waterside reflections | RedGage.

waterside reflections is live

My new photography site @ has been live for a few days now.

I am quite pleased for the work done in the past few days, and I am slowly building up content there.

I am sharing here my latest post (and latest creation too).  The original photo is not a new one, but I have been experimenting with selective colors for sometime now and happy to start posting my best results.

As already mentioned I will be progressively scaling down activities here.  A few posts per week for the time being.

blue bridge – regent’s park

blue bridge - regent's park

I am quite happy with the result of this study.  It might look like a blend of IR photography and classical one. But in fact it is not an IR.

I have only worked on selective colors editing to give prominence  to the bridge itself, and of course to the reflections of the trees and the bridge itself on the water 🙂

I am still experimenting with old style effect and also quite pleased with the rounded blurred edges.

blue bridge - regent's park - the starting point

Also in this case I am posting the original colors frame I have used.  You can see slightly larger formats in RedGage.

And I personally think the selective colors one has an edge over the original full colors frame 🙂

the brook in regents park

the brook in regents park

I have been think for sometime to create an old style/vintage finish with blurred rounded edges … the one I used to see in my grandma grandpa photos.  It has taken me a little wile to figure out how to create one I admit.

I have tried different combinations of finishing, colors, overlapping layers, effects and masks … I think this one is not too bad.  At least I fell it is worth sharing as a first try 🙂

As for most of my latest posts this is also published on RedGage together with other selective colors studies I have worked on in the past weeks.

Happy viewing 🙂