“Y” – andrea turno photography

“Y” – andrea turno photography.


Walk On

Walk On.

Walk On by Andrea Turno  in fotoup foto

waterside reflections | RedGage

waterside reflections | RedGage.

waterside reflections

the wind, the sea, the sky and the storm on RedGage

the wind, the sea, the sky and the storm

On the left the latest add to my RedGage portfolio.  This photo was taken back in 2009 in Poetto Beach, Cagliari – Sardinia, and indeed it does capture the wind, the sea, the blue sky and the ranging storm approaching all in a single frame.

I will keep adding more to RedGage in the next days, so stay tuned 🙂


RGB flower bed

Top ranked photo of mine on RedGage is still unchanged (RGB flower bed) here also in the post as a thumbnail.

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Il Lido @ www.turno.net

Content build up of my new photography site  www.turno.net is progressing steadily.  Here I am sharing the latest addition, but there are a few more there.

Still some major work to do on the layout and social sharing.  I will get there as soon as possible 🙂

The original photo also in this case is not a new one, but I have re-edited it using my new skills with digital image processing.  Hence I think it is much improved compared to the one I have posted a few years ago.

I have also scaled down this site quite a lot already, and more will go during next week.

Happy sunday 🙂

www.turno.net is live

My new photography site @ www.turno.net has been live for a few days now.

I am quite pleased for the work done in the past few days, and I am slowly building up content there.

I am sharing here my latest post (and latest creation too).  The original photo is not a new one, but I have been experimenting with selective colors for sometime now and happy to start posting my best results.

As already mentioned I will be progressively scaling down activities here.  A few posts per week for the time being.

blue bridge – regent’s park

blue bridge - regent's park

I am quite happy with the result of this study.  It might look like a blend of IR photography and classical one. But in fact it is not an IR.

I have only worked on selective colors editing to give prominence  to the bridge itself, and of course to the reflections of the trees and the bridge itself on the water 🙂

I am still experimenting with old style effect and also quite pleased with the rounded blurred edges.

blue bridge - regent's park - the starting point

Also in this case I am posting the original colors frame I have used.  You can see slightly larger formats in RedGage.

And I personally think the selective colors one has an edge over the original full colors frame 🙂