Centre Point – andrea turno photography

Centre Point – andrea turno photography.


Colors of Sardinia – Sails reflections – andrea turno photography

Colors of Sardinia – Sails reflections – andrea turno photography.


waterside reflections | RedGage

waterside reflections | RedGage.

waterside reflections

Il Lido @ www.turno.net

Content build up of my new photography site  www.turno.net is progressing steadily.  Here I am sharing the latest addition, but there are a few more there.

Still some major work to do on the layout and social sharing.  I will get there as soon as possible 🙂

The original photo also in this case is not a new one, but I have re-edited it using my new skills with digital image processing.  Hence I think it is much improved compared to the one I have posted a few years ago.

I have also scaled down this site quite a lot already, and more will go during next week.

Happy sunday 🙂

www.turno.net is live

My new photography site @ www.turno.net has been live for a few days now.

I am quite pleased for the work done in the past few days, and I am slowly building up content there.

I am sharing here my latest post (and latest creation too).  The original photo is not a new one, but I have been experimenting with selective colors for sometime now and happy to start posting my best results.

As already mentioned I will be progressively scaling down activities here.  A few posts per week for the time being.