selective blue #2

single blue #2 in light sepia canvas

I am quite enjoying experimenting with selective colors.  Yes, really I think there is a bit more I can do to explore some more artistic – and maybe a bit more original – results 🙂


So … this time ’round I wanted to give a different feeling, and move away from the classical sharp edge contrast between the full color region and the b&w area.  In this photo work I have decided to make the background in a pail sepia tone … just to give more of a vintage feeling.  Second, but perhaps more important, I have also created a smoother transition region between the main subject and the background, avoiding a sharp edge between the subject and the background …


single blue #2

Does it work emotionally for you?  I would like to have your opinion.


If useful I add here also a thumbnail of the full color image, just to have a reference view of the original colorful flower bed and a better impression of the change.  By the way, the photo was taken in Rents Park – London with my Nikon camera.


You can see slightly bigger versions of both images on RedGage (for both the selective colors version and the full color one).

Happy Saturday … enjoy the weekend.


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